Perry's Orphans Sanctuary
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About Perry's Orphans Sanctuary
Set in the small town of Oakland, Arkansas, Perry's Orphan Sanctuary is part of a near 60 acre parcel of land. It serves as a temporary and permanent home to up to 110 dogs and puppies at a time. 

Because Perry believes in saving each and every dog he comes to care for, he actively is seeking loving homes for many of his 'orphans'. Transport can be arranged in many cases, Also, Perry's is a registered 501c3 Non-profit, so any donations are tax deductible! Won't you consider making even a small donation today? We thank you! 
Perry's Wishlist...

Cat/Kitten Food 
Clay Litter 
Dog Houses
Dog Beds 
Dog/Puppy Food 
Food/Water Bowls 
Paper Towels